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How comfortable do YOU feel? 

I sincerely hope that you are comfortable in your Club, and that it is fulfilling your
Rotary expectations. As our membership progresses, we tend to find comfort in
the predictability and familiarity of our meetings. But how does a prospective
member on his or her initial visit feel about your Club, and what does he or she
It is sometimes difficult for us to take a step back, and try to look at our meeting through
the eyes of a ‘newbie’, but it is an interesting exercise if you can pull it off.
How welcoming do you look, and how quickly is an unknown face engaged, and
made to feel welcome. Does it look like a Rotary meeting, with appropriate flags and
banners. Is there a ‘feel’ in the room, that a vibrant meeting is about to begin, and a
‘buzz’ of expectancy.
Does your welcome of a new person extend beyond the usual introduction at the
meeting, making them feel more than welcome, and letting them know that the Club
members are delighted they visited, and hope for their return.
This is, of course, only part of the attraction process, but first impressions matter,
and a prospective member is a valuable commodity, so we need to put our best foot
forward, and make sure that we look our best, and roll out the welcome mat.