The role of a DCO is familiar -- the same model that built American agriculture -- the "County Extension Agent".  They are advocates, trainers, and most importantly the "Go-to" person for clubs who need help getting more value out of DACdb. 

DACdb is starting a DCO user group that will meet quarterly online for training/discussion. Our concept of this meeting is for DACdb to provide a training/discussion vehicle for informing the DCOs and District Admins of new products, modular updates and online product training during the 90-minute sessions. 

The feedback from our user conferences has been invaluable. The DCO User Group will allow us to expand the opportunity to many more participants at a much lower cost.

Announcement for this year's Online User Conference will be coming shortly!

Our tentative agenda:
Set a purpose for the group
New User Interface
New Calendar
The difference between Attendance and Engagement
New and improved EZ Bulletin
Discussion time amongst the members

2:00 pm Eastern
1:00 pm Central
12:00 Mountain
11:00 Pacific

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