WestportClub Bulletins

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Newsletter 8-7-2019 EMS by P Harrington.pdf09-Aug-18553 KB  
Newsletter 7-10-2018 by J. Sherman Member Bio.pdf11-Jul-18580 KB  
Newsletter 6-19-2018 by P. Harrington.pdf25-Jun-18472 KB  
Newsletter 6-5-2018 Lee Greenberg 100th by GAnderson.pdf17-Jun-181060 KB  
Newsletter 6-12-2018 Lyla Steenbergen LSchine Bio.docx16-Jun-18364 KB  
Newsletter 5-22-2018 by Julia Broder Bylaws NicaPhoto.pdf02-Jun-181021 KB  
Newsletter 5-1-2018 by J. Sherman on Fidelco Guide Dogs.pdf07-May-18827 KB  
Newsletter 4-17-2018 by JWieser India Trip.pdf17-Apr-18507 KB  
Newsletter 4-10-2018 Functional Med DMcDowell Bio.pdf16-Apr-18546 KB  
Presentation Dept. Human Services Senior Center Activiites.pdf10-Apr-183906 KB  
Newsletter 4-4-2018 by BBrucker Senior Activites.pdf10-Apr-18786 KB  
Newsletter 3-20-2018 AHorton Park Rec J Fava.pdf22-Mar-18574 KB  
Newsletter 3-6-2018 by PHarrington Member Bio Shuck Knowles.pdf08-Mar-18663 KB  
Newsletter 2-20-2018 by LSchine on ALS Pepper Challenge .pdf25-Feb-18508 KB  
Newsletter 2-13-2018 by MAlger on Norwalk Housing Foundation.pdf25-Feb-18865 KB  
Newsletter 2-6-2018 by S. Shuck.pdf08-Feb-18782 KB  
Newsletter 1-23-2018 by K. Mergetnaler BBrucker on Dan Woog.pdf23-Jan-181213 KB  
WRC Newsletter 1-16-2018 G. James on China Mr. Cheung.pdf22-Jan-18778 KB  
Mr. Cheung China Presentation 1-16-2018.pdf21-Jan-181665 KB  
Newsletter 1-9-2018 by M. Agnew - Charter Schools.pdf09-Jan-18455 KB  
Newsletter 1-2-2018 by P. Gillespie on Climate Change.pdf09-Jan-18499 KB  
Newsletter 12-5-2017 by PHarrington Member Bio Foti Yost.pdf10-Dec-17928 KB  
Newsletter 11-21-2017 by P. Harrington on Holiday Invite RC Foundation.pdf25-Nov-17661 KB  
Newsletter 11-14-2017 by G. James Fleischer Meat.pdf19-Nov-171006 KB  
Newsletter 11-7-2017 by I. Lebish on Climate Change McDowell.pdf14-Nov-17475 KB  
Board MInutes 11-1-2017 by B.Brucker.pdf03-Nov-17304 KB  
WRC Newsletter 10-24-2017 by M. Agnew Pension J. Hartwell.pdf25-Oct-17941 KB  
WRC Newsletter 10-3-2017 by T. Wormser speaker D Wong.pdf07-Oct-17718 KB  
Newsletter 9-19-2017 J. HImes by J. Sherman.pdf02-Oct-171398 KB  
Newsletter 8-22-2017 Joeys By The Shore by JSherman.pdf23-Aug-171013 KB  
Newsletter 8-15-2017 by KMergenthaler on MOstbye Spain.pdf16-Aug-17869 KB  
Newsletter 8-8-2017 - Talk on Cancer by LWolf.pdf08-Aug-17687 KB  
Newsletter 8-2-2017 by LSchine - Dr. Solomon.pdf04-Aug-17451 KB  
Newsletter 7-11-2017 Club Assembly by Irwin Lebish.pdf17-Jul-17775 KB  
Passing the Gavel Newsletter Photo 6-23-2017 Ned Dimes Marina.pdf26-Jun-171724 KB  
Attachement to 6-20-2017 Newsletter Ode to Lobster.pdf26-Jun-17194 KB  
Newsletter 6-20-2017 by Stan Witkow on Cleared Spaces.pdf24-Jun-17574 KB  
PASSING THE GAVEL INVITATION 6-23-2017.pdf30-May-17237 KB  
Newsletter 5-23-2017 Member Bio by J. Rima.pdf25-May-171314 KB  
Newsletter Community Giving Day 5-16-2017 P. Harrington.pdf17-May-171843 KB  
Newsletter 5-9-2017 Exchange Students by K. Merganthaler.pdf10-May-17922 KB  
Newsletter 5-2-2017 by C. Orlyn.pdf03-May-171189 KB  
WRC May Calendar of Events Updated.png02-May-17251 KB  
May Social 2017 National Maritime Day! .pptx02-May-17263 KB  
Newsletter 4-18-2017 M. Barker Playhouse by ILebish.pdf27-Apr-17458 KB  
Newsletter 4-11-2017 S. Eide - by Goldie James.pdf12-Apr-17996 KB  
Newsletter 4-4-2017 Granger by J. Beresford.pdf05-Apr-171183 KB  
Newsletter 3-21-2017 by M. Agnew - Stress.pdf21-Mar-17458 KB  
Newsletter 3-7-2017 Club Assembly by J. Sherman.pdf09-Mar-17967 KB  
Westport Early Sring Cocktail Invite.pdf05-Mar-1770 KB  
WRC Newsletter 2-21-2017 -Cyber Security by LAntell.pdf22-Feb-17981 KB  
Newsletter 2-14-2017 Heart Healthy by Peter Gillespie.pdf21-Feb-17470 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 2-7-2017 by J. Sherman.pdf09-Feb-17543 KB  
Newsletter 1-30-2017 - Evening Social By Beth Brucker.pdf31-Jan-171570 KB  
Newsletter 1-24-2017 Cathy Walsh PandZ by Beth Brucker.pdf24-Jan-171152 KB  
Newsletter 1-17-2017 on Hummock Island Oysters by TWormser.pdf18-Jan-17169 KB  
Newsletter 1-10-2017 - by I Lebish on Asteroids.doc18-Jan-17138 KB  
Newsletter by P. Gillespie 12-6-2016.docx14-Dec-165742 KB  
Newsletter 11-8-2016 by Beth Brucker.doc09-Nov-166404 KB  
Newsletter 10-25-2016 by G. Anderson spkr Dr. Gary Rose.docx26-Oct-16133 KB  
Newsletter 10-18-2016 by J Broder on State of Westport.docx18-Oct-161217 KB  
Newsletter 10-4-2016 by A. Urist on Lt. G. Gilespie.docx07-Oct-16131 KB  
Newsletter 9-27-2016 by Jane Sherman on Metro-North Update Jim Cameron.pdf03-Oct-16599 KB  
Newsletter 9-20-2016 by Basil Hero speaker Bill Harmer.docx22-Sep-16112 KB  
Newsletter 9-6-2016 Basler on Ginger Cline Refugees.docx10-Sep-16103 KB  
Newsletter 8-23-2016 - Ginger Cline by R. Hammond.docx25-Aug-16121 KB  
Newsletter 8-16-2016 - DAmico Staples Principal by Irwin Lebish.docx20-Aug-16115 KB  
Newsletter 8-9-2016 - Paul Mangels by Ann Matlow.docx16-Aug-16119 KB  
Newsletter 7-12-2016 Club Assembly by Jane Sherman.docx06-Aug-16119 KB  
Newsletter 7-05-2016 by Steve Lewine - David Waldman.docx08-Jul-16120 KB  
Newsletter 6-27-2016 Meteorology by Basil Hero.pdf30-Jun-16489 KB  
Newsletter Passing The Gavel 6-24-2016 By Beth Brucker.pdf24-Jun-164976 KB  
Newsletter 6-21-2016 Charlotte Rogan by B. Brucker.pdf21-Jun-16603 KB  
Newsletter 6-14-2016 Brent Peterkin by G. Judd.pdf15-Jun-16490 KB  
Newsletter 6-7-2016 attachment Volunteer List Club Engagement 2016-2017.pdf08-Jun-1667 KB  
Newsletter 6-7-2016 Tony McDowell by G. Judd.pdf08-Jun-16411 KB  
Passing The Gavel Inviation 6-24-2016.pdf07-Jun-16242 KB  
Newsletter 5-31-2016 NAMEPA Carleen Lynden-Kluss by B. Brucker.pdf31-May-16546 KB  
Newsletter 5-24-2016 Dr. Ram Gordon by G. Judd.pdf26-May-16401 KB  
Newsletter 5-17-2016 Community Giving Day by Beth Brucker.pdf17-May-161359 KB  
COMMUNITY GIVING DAY BOOKLET COPY 5-17-2016.pdf17-May-161361 KB  
Newsletter 5-10-2016 Jeff Kohn on Kenya by Beth Brucker.pdf11-May-16948 KB  
Newsletter 5-3-2016 Thailand Germany Exc Students by G. Judd.pdf05-May-16414 KB  
Newsletter 4-26-2016 Dengue Fever by Beth Brucker.pdf27-Apr-16852 KB  
Dengue Fever Presentation Lyla Steenbergen 4-26-2016.pdf27-Apr-16549 KB  
Newsletter 4-19-2016 Concussion by G. Judd.pdf21-Apr-16404 KB  
Guatemala Project by Steve Lewine.docx14-Apr-1638 KB  
WRC NEWSLETTER 4-12-2016 - Guatemala Project by Beth Brucker.pdf14-Apr-16889 KB  
WRC Newsletter 4-5-2016 RYLA by Beth Brucker updated.pdf07-Apr-16777 KB  
WRC Newsletter 3-29-2016 Dr. Stephen Baum by G. Judd.pdf01-Apr-16419 KB  
Newsletter 3-22-2016 Barbara Butler by Beth Brucker.pdf23-Mar-16792 KB  
Newsletter 3-15-2016 Becoming a Kidney Donor by S. Lewine.docx17-Mar-16131 KB  
Newsletter 3-8-2016 - ITNCoastalCT by Beth Brucker.pdf08-Mar-16758 KB  
Newsletter 3-1-2016 Liz Kaner - by G. Judd.pdf04-Mar-16515 KB  
Newsletter 2-23-2016 S. James by Beth Brucker.pdf24-Feb-16483 KB  
Club Newsletter - 2-16-2016 Bios - by G. Judd.pdf19-Feb-16509 KB  
Newsletter 2-9-2016 - Judge Grogins by Beth Brucker.pdf10-Feb-16507 KB  
Newsletter 2-2-2016 by Rick Benson.doc10-Feb-16148 KB  
Newsletter 1-26-2016 - by G. Judd.pdf10-Feb-16423 KB  
Newsletter 1-19-2016 SCORE Baxendale by Beth Brucker.pdf19-Jan-16526 KB  
schedule of speakers 1-19 to 2-16-2016.pdf14-Jan-1658 KB  
Newsletter 1-12-2016 Marissa Mangone by G. Judd .pdf14-Jan-16522 KB  
Newsletter 1-5-2016 Acquarian by G. Judd.pdf14-Jan-16295 KB  
Newsletter 12-08-2015 speaker Theresa Robbons- by Beth Brucker.pdf08-Dec-15534 KB  
Newsletter 12-01-2015 - Rotary Foundation - Steve Lewine.pdf05-Dec-15311 KB  
Newsletter 11-24-2015 speaker Pastor Bruce Miller- by Beth Brucker.pdf25-Nov-15676 KB  
HOLIDAY INVITATION 2015 - by Beth Brucker.pdf21-Nov-15237 KB  
Attachment to 11-17-2015 Newsletter - Youth Service Program 2015-2016.pdf19-Nov-15130 KB  
Newsletter 11-17-2015 speaker Syrian Refugee Ken Bernhard by G. Judd.pdf19-Nov-15417 KB  
Newsletter 11-10-2015 speaker Beresfords- by Beth Brucker.pdf12-Nov-15571 KB  
SAVE THE DATE POSTCARD FOR HOLIDAY PARTY 2015 BY Beth Brucker.png12-Nov-15281 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 10-27-2015 District Gov. - by G. Judd.pdf05-Nov-15314 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 11-03-2015 Nigeria C. Onyemesmelukwe- by G. Judd.pdf05-Nov-15406 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 10-20-2015 Bullying Dr. Bernstein - by Beth Brucker.pdf20-Oct-15566 KB  
Newsletter 10-13-2015 speaker Mark Karagus - by G. Judd.pdf16-Oct-15399 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 10-6-2015 speaker Win Allen - by Beth Brucker.pdf06-Oct-15634 KB  
Oktoberfest Newsletter Photos 9-29-2015 - by Beth Brucker.pdf01-Oct-15775 KB  
Oktoberfest Flyer by Beth Brucker.pdf30-Sep-15286 KB  
Attachment to 9-15-2015 newsletter - Personal Attention Practical Advise.doc by Beth Brucker15-Sep-15101 KB  
Attachment to 9-15-2015 newsletter Do Lobsters feel Pain.pdf by Beth Brucker15-Sep-15104 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 9-15-2015 Elderly Law by Ann Fowler-Cruz - by Beth Brucker.pdf15-Sep-15634 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 9-8-2015 Anita Schorr Hope and Perseverance The Story of a Survivor by George Judd.pdf10-Sep-15424 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 9-3-2015 Aerhee Lee -Eastern Medicine by George Judd.pdf08-Sep-15195 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 8-25-2015 Joey By The Sea Nevile Ede.doc08-Sep-15132 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 08-18-2015. Tony Banbury.doc20-Aug-151227 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 8-4-2015 Paul Friia Re-evaluation - by Beth Brucker.pdf12-Aug-15471 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 8-4-2015 Jane Green Author- by Beth Brucker.pdf05-Aug-15608 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 7-28-2015 Rev. Powell - by Beth Brucker.pdf30-Jul-15603 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 7-21-2015 Dr. v. Argento - by G. Judd.pdf30-Jul-15254 KB  
Westport Rotary Newsletter 7-14-2015 Alzheimer - by Beth Brucker.pdf15-Jul-15586 KB  
Club Bulletin 06-30-2015 - Himes.doc01-Jul-1556 KB  
Club Bulletin 06-23-2015 - Dr Gary Rose.pdf25-Jun-15120 KB  
Club Bulletin - 06-09-2015. Marpe.doc10-Jun-1562 KB  
Club Bulletin - 06-02-2015 - Stuart Gibson.pdf04-Jun-15121 KB  
Club Bulletin 05-26-2015 - Dirnberger.doc27-May-1541 KB  
Club Bulletin 05-12-2015 Community Giving Day.pdf14-May-15129 KB  
Club Bulletin - 05-05-2015 - Slater.doc07-May-1539 KB  
Club Bulletin 04-21-2015 - Ross.doc23-Apr-1540 KB  
Club Bulletin 04-14-2015 NCCF.pdf15-Apr-15127 KB  
Club Bulletin 03-31-2015 - Aibel and Brucker.pdf02-Apr-15130 KB  
Club Bulletin - 03-24-3015. Jane Ferreira.doc26-Mar-1541 KB  
Club Bulletin 03-10-2015 - Peter Ferrara.pdf12-Mar-15122 KB  
Club Bulletin. 03-03-2015 - Stuart Gibson.doc05-Mar-1540 KB  
Club Bulletin 02-17-2015 - Curtis Lewsey.pdf18-Feb-15118 KB  
Club Bulletin 02-10-2015. Lynn Whitton.doc11-Feb-1540 KB  
Club Bulletin 02-03-2015 - Christine Pakkala.pdf06-Feb-15119 KB  
Club Bulletin 01-06-2014 - Rotary Friendship.pdf08-Jan-15124 KB  
Club Bulletin 12-09-2014 - Westport Orphenians.pdf11-Dec-14115 KB  
Club Bulletin. 12-02-2014. Lee Crouch.doc04-Dec-1439 KB  
Club Bulletin 11-18-2014 - Bob Walter.pdf20-Nov-14122 KB  
Club Bulletin 11-11-2014. Jack Cavanaugh.doc12-Nov-1438 KB  
Club Bulletin 10-28-2014 - Christian Toebe.pdf30-Oct-14123 KB  
Club Bulletin 10-21-2014. World Polio Day.doc22-Oct-1440 KB  
Club Bulletin 10-07-2014 Vladimir and Irina Gorshkov.pdf09-Oct-14120 KB  
Club Bulletin 09-30-2014. Maisa Tisdale.doc03-Oct-1438 KB  
Club Bulletin 09-16-2014 - Paul Bucha.pdf19-Sep-14124 KB  
Club Bulletin 09-09-2014. Bobby Valentine.doc12-Sep-1438 KB  
Club Bulletin 08-26-2014. Steenbergen Stewart Bios.doc28-Aug-1451 KB  
Club Bulletin 08-19-2014 Jim Cameron.pdf22-Aug-14123 KB  
Club Bulletin 08-12-2014. David Fischer.doc13-Aug-1440 KB  
Club Bulletin 8-5-14 DG Mukund Nori.doc06-Aug-1447 KB  
Club Bulleting 07-15-2014 Maxine Bleiweis.doc17-Jul-1438 KB  
Club Bulletin Meeting of July 8.doc11-Jul-1451 KB  
Club Bulletin 07-01-2014. Sonrisa de Dios.doc02-Jul-1437 KB  
Club Bulletin 06-24-2014 - Club Assembly.doc26-Jun-1439 KB  
Bulletin 06-17-14 James Marpe.pdf19-Jun-14126 KB  
Club Bulletin 06-03-2014 - Will Haskell.pdf05-Jun-14118 KB  
Club Bulletin 05-27-2014 Jim Cameron.doc27-May-1439 KB  
Club Bulletin 05-06-2014 Club Assembly.doc09-May-1436 KB  
Club Bulletin 04-29-2014 - Irwin Lebish.pdf01-May-14115 KB  
Club Bulletin 04-22-2014 - Ed Gerber.doc24-Apr-1438 KB  
Club Bulletin 04-08-2014 - Robert Nolo.pdf10-Apr-14102 KB  
Club Bulletin 04-01-2014 Jim Hisey II.doc02-Apr-1439 KB  
Club Bulletin 03-25-2014 - Club Assembly.pdf28-Mar-14117 KB  
Club Bulletin 03-18-2014 -- The Caroline House.pdf21-Mar-14122 KB  
Club Bulletin 03-04-2014 Stephanie Klein Wassick.doc04-Mar-1436 KB  
Club Bulletin 02-11-2014 Nina Sankovitch.doc13-Feb-1436 KB  
Club Bulletin 02-04-2014 -- Judith Palmer Castor.pdf07-Feb-14113 KB  
Club Bulletin 01-21-2014 Lisa Wexler.doc22-Jan-1438 KB  
Club Bulletin 01-14-2014 Harold Bailey.pdf17-Jan-14114 KB  
Club Bulletin 01-07-2014 Robert Steele.pdf11-Jan-14118 KB  
Club Bulletin 12-10-2013 Brandon Armstrong.doc11-Dec-1335 KB  
Club Bulletin 12-03-2013 Kelley Ward.pdf05-Dec-13119 KB  
Club Bulletin 11-19-2013 Rick Benson.doc21-Nov-1336 KB  
Club Bulletin 11-05-2013 Susan Granger.pdf08-Nov-13116 KB  
Club Bulletin 10-29-2013-Pete Nichio.doc30-Oct-1337 KB  
Club Bulletin 10-22-2013 - George Markley.pdf25-Oct-13117 KB  
Club Bulletin -- 10-08-2013 - Vadim Mejerson.doc09-Oct-1336 KB  
Club Bulletin 10-01-2013 -- David Feig.doc02-Oct-1333 KB  
Club Bulletin 09-17-2013.pdf19-Sep-13116 KB  
Club Bulletin 09-10-2013 - Frank Derico .pdf13-Sep-13122 KB  
Club Bulletin 08-26-2013 -- David Waldman.doc30-Aug-1335 KB  
Club Bulletin 08-20-2013 Fire Chief Kingsbury.pdf24-Aug-13120 KB  
Club Bulletin 08-06-2013 -- Joeys.pdf09-Aug-13107 KB  
Club Bulletin 07-30-2013 -- Bill Kirby.doc31-Jul-1336 KB  
Club Bulletin 07-23-2013 -- Club Assembly.doc25-Jul-1335 KB  
Club Bulletin 07-16-2013 -- Dr. Manfredi.pdf19-Jul-13117 KB  
Club Bulletin 07-09-2013 -- Alan Meinke.doc10-Jul-1334 KB  
Club Bulletin 06-25-2013 -- Anthony Rudolf.doc26-Jun-1333 KB  
Club Bulletin 06-18-2013 Club Assembly.pdf21-Jun-13126 KB  
Club Bulletin 05-28-2013 -- Miggs Burroughs.doc30-May-1329 KB  
Club Bulletin 05-21-2013 -- David Burstein.pdf24-May-13157 KB  
05-07-2013 Kirsten Griebel.doc09-May-1331 KB  
Club Bulletin 04-30-2013 Jack Cavanaugh.pdf03-May-13160 KB  
Club Bulletin 04-16-2013 Gordon Lee and Staples Robotics.doc18-Apr-1334 KB  
Club Bulletin 04-09-2013 Lisa Gray.pdf12-Apr-13125 KB  
Club Bulletin 03-26-2013 Jim Himes.doc29-Mar-1334 KB  
Club Bulletin 03-19-2013 Cindy Eigen K2BK.pdf22-Mar-13126 KB  
Club Bulletin 03-05-2013 Stacy Sobel.doc07-Mar-1331 KB  
Club Bulletin 02-26-13 Barbara Butler.pdf01-Mar-13131 KB  
David Pogue 02-13-2013.doc13-Feb-1332 KB  
Club Bulletin 02-05-2013 Susan Farewell.pdf08-Feb-13121 KB  
Club Bulletin 01-22-2013 Mattimore.pdf25-Jan-13152 KB  
Club Bulletin 1-15-13 Avon Theatre.pdf19-Jan-13123 KB  
Club Bulletin 01-08-2013. Schilling.doc10-Jan-1331 KB  
Orphenians 12-18-2012.doc19-Dec-1229 KB  
Club Bulletin 12-11-12 Jagielo and Flood (CLASP).pdf13-Dec-1257 KB  
Ed Osborn 12.4.12.doc05-Dec-12103 KB  
Judith Martin 11 27 2012.doc28-Nov-1232 KB  
Penny Pearlman 8.7.12.doc25-Nov-1240 KB  
Toni Boucher 9.11.12.doc25-Nov-1237 KB  
Two Bios 10.2.12.doc25-Nov-1240 KB  
Norwalk Islands 10.2.12.doc25-Nov-1239 KB  
Randye Kaye 10.23.12.doc25-Nov-1240 KB  
RYLA 11.13.12.doc25-Nov-1241 KB  
Club Bulletin 11-20-12 Naughton.pdf25-Nov-1258 KB  
Bulletin 10-09-12 Friends of the Norwalk Islands.pdf11-Oct-1261 KB  
Bulletin 9-18-2012 Molly Schilling.pdf20-Sep-1253 KB  
Club Bulletin 9-18-2012 Molly Schilling.pdf20-Sep-1216 KB  
Rotary Newsletter 08-28-12 Brian Amey.pdf30-Aug-1247 KB  
Club Bulletin 07-31-2012.pdf02-Aug-1246 KB  
Bulletin 07-17-12 Ryan Barry.pdf20-Jul-1247 KB  
DaCdb Detailed Tutorial-ppt.pptx08-Jul-122836 KB  
Rotary Websites Tutorial 7.3.12.docx08-Jul-121149 KB  
Bulletin-7.3.12_Club Assembly.doc07-Jul-1229 KB  
Bulletin_6.29.12_Aspetuck_Land Trust.doc07-Jul-1239 KB  
Club News 10.18.11.pdf01-Nov-1176 KB