Programs - 2018-19
Rotary District 6780 Committee

Jordan, Hank
Office: 931-461-8532

Section 1 - Committee Notes & Comments:

Goal:  Assign to each member responsibility for sponsoring a Program at the Noon Luncheon meeting.

Program Ideas

  • Area Education: Tullahoma Schools/THS/Motlow College/UTSI/University of the South
  • Community Health Care: Harton/NMC/MorningPointe
  • Industrial/Tech Base: Coffee County Industrial Planning Board
  • South Jackson Street Cultural Center
  • Fine Arts Center
  • The Webb School
  • University of the South
  • Motlow College Basketball
  • THS Music (Aristocats)
  • THS Sports: FCA/Football/Basketball/Baseball/Track
  • Local Government: Mayor, City Manager, Fire Chief, Police Chief
  • State Government: TVA, TWRA
  • Federal Government: AEDC, FBI
  • Rotary: District Governor, Foundation Chair, IT Chair, Grants Manager
  • Club:  Plans and Accomplishments
  • Partners for Healing
  • Alzheimers
  • Horse Play
  • Child Development Center
  • Tots for Tots
  • 5L4K
  • Miss Tullahoma/Miss Tennessee 
  • Boy Scouts
  • Hands On Science Center
  • Hospice
  • International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians
  • Drug Prevention Center
  • Habitat for Humanity

Section 2: Committee Members and Positions:
Member NameClub
McNabb, Stan Tullahoma 
Bates, William C. Tullahoma 
Colley, Jaine Tullahoma 
Johnson, David E. Tullahoma 
Knowis, Ray L. Tullahoma 
Baltz, Louis J. IIITullahoma 
Boehm, Karl F. Tullahoma 
Carter, Greg Tullahoma 
Coate, Brian Tullahoma 
Cope, Steve T. Tullahoma 
Credle, Oliver Paul Tullahoma 
Dixon, Donald K. Tullahoma 
Ennis, Jordan Tullahoma 
Hartin, John P. Tullahoma 
Honeycutt, Garland Tullahoma 
Jolliffe, Jim Tullahoma 
Kennedy, Jerry L. Tullahoma 
King, Molly Gerwe Tullahoma 
Lawson, Dan Tullahoma 
Nauseef, John Tullahoma 
Shasteen, Richard G. Tullahoma 
Welsh, Pat Tullahoma 
Woodard, James Tullahoma 
Crook, Robert T. Tullahoma 
Jernigan, Matt Tullahoma 
Boss, William Tullahoma 
Collier, Marjorie Tullahoma 
McAdams, Bryan Tullahoma 
Gomez, Noland Tullahoma 
Jordan, Hank Tullahoma 

Section 3: Committee Leadership History:
Chair   Jordan, Hank
Jordan, Hank