Mariposa Yosemite - Rotary Club
Club# 589
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McInturff, Ophelia E
Tucker, Jim Clifford
Office: 209-742-3232
Vice President
Butler, David R.
Kendall, Charles O.
Office: 209-966-5240 2273
Stonum, Susan
Office: 209-966-2021
Rotary Foundation Chair
Lafler, Marion G.
Office: (209) 648-4663
Rotary Foundation Chair
Saunders, Marilyn
Club Director,iPast President,Membership Chair
McInturff, Richard
Office: 800-922-9100
Club Director
Boothe, Heather
Club Director
Fagalde, Michael
Office: 209-966-3007
Club Director
Horner, Daniel
Club Director
MacDonald, John James
Club Director
McCamman, John W.
Club Director
Peters, Deborah R.
Office: 559-642-0204
Club Director
Roberts, Anthony E.
Office: 209-966-4442
Club Director
Robinson, Susan
Club Director
Sutherland, Glenn
Club Director
Yaley, William T.
Office: 209-742-7792
Assistant Governor
(Area 9 -)

Section 1 - Club Information:
Meeting Time:Thursday at 07:00 AM
Meeting Place:Senior Center
Meeting City:Mariposa
Meeting Address:Spriggs
Meeting Directions:Take Highway 49 North from Mariposa, turn right on Smith Road and left on Spriggs to the end.
Link to Map Directions:
Club Description:

The Mariposa Rotary Club has 52 active members.  This is a special place for friendship and support.  We work hard and play hard because Mariposa is a great place to live and call home.  This group is very active in volunteering time and energy to assist our community locally, nationally and internationally.  The welcome mat is always out.  Come visit!

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Club Phone Number:(209) 742-6603
Club's Mailing Address:PO 334,  Mariposa  CA  95338
Charter Date:30-Nov-78
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Section 2: Club  Committees:
CommitteeCommittee TypeAction
Mariposa Yosemite
 (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Art, Wine and Wheels (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Awards (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
BBQ Committee (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Community Giving (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Community Recognition (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Dictionary (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Donations and Fundraising (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Fair Parking (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Foundation (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Golf Tournament (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
HERO (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Historic Plaque (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Interact Club (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
International Service (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Membership (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Outhouse Races (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Passeo de Mariposa (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Rotary Scholarships (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
RYLA (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Service (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Shoe Project (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Sober Grad (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Social (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Sunshine Club (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Veterans Appreciation Day (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView
Vocational (2017-18)CLUB CommitteeView

Section 3: Club Members and Positions:
Member NameClassification / PositionBusiness Name
Beery, Pamela Member 
Binnewies, Doug A Law EnforcementMariposa County Sheriff Department 
Boothe, Heather Park ManagementNational Park Service - Yosemite 
Brower, Randy Member 
Brown, Paul M. Education University 
Butler, David R. Vice President 
Cann, R. Kevin (Kevin) Member 
Carlson, Dane B. Commerce ManagementMariposa Chamber of Commerce 
Cassady, Dan Member 
Casto, Kris Member 
Constable, Colin Engineering Professional 
Constable, Sarah Member 
Cooke, Thomas K. (Tom) Criminal LawThomas K. Cooke 
Costa, Donald J. (Don) Olive Oil Production 
Dahlem, Steven (Steve) Member 
Davis, Chery Medical Department Administrator 
Debry, Philip H. (Phil) Dendistry 
Douglass, Neal D. Law-CriminalLaw Office of Neal D. Douglass 
Dulcich, Heidi D. Hardware-Retailing 
Estep, Heidi H. Financial Services 
Fagalde, Michael Club Director 
Foster, Troy Member 
Gerken, David V. (Dave) Construction 
Hopper, Robin A. Education-SupervisionMariposa Office of Education/Mariposa County School District 
Horner, Daniel Club Director 
Iudice, Ronald M. Member 
Iwama, Robert Toshiro (Rob) Law Prosecution 
Kehoe, Vince Member 
Kendall, Charles O. (Chuck) Secretary,Secretary-ElectCKC Laboratories, Inc. 
King, Margarita L. Health Care - PublicMariposa County Public Health 
Lafler, Marion G. Financial Services 
Leonard, Roger Member 
Lowe, William E. (Bill) Video Production Services-Retired 
MacDonald, John James (Jay) Engineering-Civil 
Martin, Dennis K. Financial Consulting 
Martin, Nancy L. Financial Management 
Mattiuzzi, Dennis G. Maintenance Management 
McCamman, John W. Retired-Government Administration 
McInturff, Ophelia E Bookkeeping Services 
McInturff, Richard Club Director,iPast President,Membership Chair 
Mickel, Gene Member 
Peters, Deborah R. (Debbie) Management Special ProjectsDebbie Peters 
Roberts, Anthony E. Club Director 
Robinson, Duane ArchitectThe Space Management and Design Group 
Robinson, Susan Elementary Administration 
Rothell, Glen E. Park Service-National 
Saunders, Marilyn Rotary Foundation Chair 
Schulz, Wayne W. transportation 
Seymour, Elaine Member 
Smith, Donald G. (Don) Banking-Retired 
Smith, Karen Real Estate Sales 
Stonum, Neil A. Member 
Stonum, Susan (Susie) Title Service 
Sutherland, Glenn Bank Consulting 
Tucker, Jim Clifford National Park Administration 
Wall, Walter W. Farming 
Weihe, Eric M. Contracting-PaintingAll Trade Construction Service, Inc. 
Weihe, Karen Sue Homemaking 
Wise, David Member 
Wittkopf, James (Jim) Construction 
Yaley, William T. (Bill) Club Director