Central Point - Rotary Club
Club# 333
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Wallace, Jolee
Stewart, Bill
Vice President
Landon, Robert James
Club Executive Secretary
Shipley, Cynthia
Office: 541-494-7741
Steele, Samantha
Office: 541-494-6241
Brock, June
Office: 541-664-3018
Club Programs Chair,Treasurer
Reed, Gayle
Office: 541-608-4380
Membership Chair
Venables, Jeff
Rotary Foundation Chair,Service Projects Chair - Int'l
Morse, Marlan K
Public Image/Relations Chair
Simpson, Rebecca
Community Service Chair
Rietmann, Brad
Club Director,Youth Exchange
Rector, Rob
Office: 541-499-6366
Club Programs Chair
Bettenburg, Richard F.
Office: 541-664-5228
Club Programs Chair
Cockey, Wanda
Club Programs Chair
Groves, C. Maggie
Club Admin Chair
Humphrey, Tom
Martin, David
Office: 541-664-1400
Club Programs Chair
Wilkerson, Brian E
Club Director
Daniels, Martin
Club Director
Earley, Jim
Club Director
Hackstedde, Dixie
Club Director
Hanson, Carrie
Office: 541-899-9976
Scholarship Trust
Hernandez, Robert C.
Scholarship Trust
Meunier, Mike
Office: 541 664-1616
Scholarship Trust
Servoss, James F.
Office: 541-282-5201
Scholarship Trust
Tonn, Harvey L.
Club Director
Trautman, Kathy
Office: 541-773-8946
iPast President
Sanchez, Tonya
Office: 5417745682
Assistant Governor
(Area 10 - Southern Oregon)

Section 1 - Club Information:
Meeting Time:Wednesday at 12:00 PM
Meeting Place:Mace Building Jackson County Expo Park (541) 774-8270
Meeting City:Central Point
Meeting Address:1 Peninger Road
Meeting Directions:
Link to Map Directions:
Club Description:
Link to Club Website:http://www.clubrunner.ca/centralpoint
Link to About US:
Link to Project URL:
Club Phone Number:
Club's Mailing Address:P.O. Box 3333,  Central Point  OR  97502
Charter Date:13-Sep-71
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Section 2: Club  Committee:
CommitteeCommittee TypeAction
Central Point

Section 3: Club Members and Positions:
Member NameClassification / PositionBusiness Name
Allen, Matthew Member 
Anderson, Neal (Luke) Member 
Beattie, Brian H. Member 
Beattie, Julia B. Member 
Beck, James (Jim) School District Administration 
Bettenburg, Richard F. (Rick) Club Programs Chair 
Bleser, Ryan J. Member 
Borovansky, Chris Member 
Brewold-Johnson, Nancy J. Member 
Brock, June Treasurer 
Browning, Taneea MemberCentral Point Chamber of Commerce 
Bryant, Matt MemberRiverdell Construction, Inc 
Cockey, Wanda Club Programs Chair 
Daniels, Martin (Marty) Club Director 
Dimick, John B. Member 
Dunbar, Matt Member 
Dunham, Steven T. Member 
Earley, Jim Club Director 
Foster, Dale E. Member 
Groves, C. Maggie Club Programs Chair 
Hackstedde, Dixie Club DirectorDixie Hackstedde Broker John L. Scott 
Hackwell, Marvin A. (Marv) Member 
Hanson, Carrie Club DirectorWest Family Foundation / Robert & Frances Chaney Family Foundation 
Heard, David Member 
Hermant, Missy Commercial LendingPeople's Bank of Commerce 
Hernandez, Robert C. Scholarship Trust 
Hillman, Adrienne Member 
Humphrey, Tom Club Admin Chair 
Jump, Russell G. Member 
Landon, Robert James Vice President 
Larkin, John C. Member 
Larkin, Lela Member 
Leavens, William D. Member 
Manary, Candace Member 
Martin, David Sergeant-at-Arms 
Martin, Larry Member 
McClain, Mike C. Member 
McRoberts, Jay Member 
Merz, Warren Member 
Meunier, Mike Scholarship Trust 
Moore, Bret Past President 
Morse, Marlan K Rotary Foundation Chair,Service Projects Chair - Int'l 
Patterson, Kevin Member 
Rector, Rob Club Director,Youth ExchangeSpecialized Transfer, LLC 
Reed, Gayle Club Programs Chair,TreasurerD.A. Davidson & Co. 
Renfro, Kirby Member 
Rhoden, Jeff Member 
Rietmann, Brad Community Service Chair 
Rush, George Norman (Norm) MemberGrange Co-Op 
Sanchez, Tonya iPast President 
Scallon, Brian Member 
Servoss, James F. Scholarship Trust 
Shipley, Cynthia (Cj) Club Executive SecretaryUnited Risk Solutions 
Simpson, Rebecca (Becky) non profit 
Smith, Wendel W. Member 
Speasl, Daniel P. Member 
Steele, Samantha Secretary 
Stewart, Bill President-Elect,Sergeant-at-Arms 
Tonn, Harvey L. Scholarship Trust 
Trautman, Kathy Club DirectorSouthern Oregon Regional Economic Development (SOREDI) 
Vaughn, Robert E. Member 
Venables, Jeff Membership Chair 
Wallace, Jolee PresidentDel Rio Vineyards 
Wilkerson, Brian E Club Programs Chair