Williams - Rotary Club
Club# 1241
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Duncan, Allan
Office: 928 635-4404

Section 1 - Club Information:
Meeting Time:Thursday at 12:00 PM
Meeting Place:Doc Holiday's at the Holiday Inn
Meeting City:
Meeting Address:Grand Canyon Blvd.
Meeting Directions:
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Charter Date:11-May-23
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Section 2: Club  Committee:
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Section 3: Club Members and Positions:
Member NameClassification / PositionBusiness Name
Alonzo II, Alex Member 
Baptist, William Member 
Berger, Gary Member 
Best, Steve Member 
Boyle, Todd Member 
Buitenhuis, Casey Member 
Bultema, James A. Member 
Candler, JoDean Member 
Carter, Glenda Member 
Christman, Cindy Member 
Clark, Jason Member 
Coleman, Charles Member 
Croteau, Diana Member 
Cureton, Dale Sr.Member 
D''Arpa, Jeff Member 
D''Arpa, Jeff Member 
Davis, Bob Member 
Dick, Anna M. Member 
Dowers, Rob Member 
Dreher, Pamela S. Member 
Dulay, Michael John Member 
Duncan, Allan President 
Eastman-Liddle, Donna Member 
Edes, Ken Member 
Feft-Toplikar, Jo Member 
Fejt-Toplikar, Jo Member 
Flannery, Danny Member 
Fountain, Tammy Member 
Fredrickson, Oscar Member 
Freson, Connie Member 
Fritsinger, Charles Member 
Fritsinger, Craig A. Member 
Garcia, Teresa Member 
Gaughan, Nathan Member 
Glassburn, Carol A. Member 
Gonzalez, Dan Member 
Goodrum, Gioia Member 
Harbeson, Dorinda Member 
Harwood, Donna Member 
Helgeson, Patricia Centeno Member 
Hudgens, Stephen Member 
Hutto, Darlene Member 
Jarrell, Jim Member 
Johnson, Ann Member 
Kadletz, Kim Member 
Kahon, Pete Member 
Kaiser, Mike Member 
Kennelly, Tom Member 
Killinsworth, Roy Member 
Krombeen, Rob Member 
Lann, Josie Member 
LaPaglia, Pamelia Member 
Lollich, Judy Member 
Lollich, Ken Member 
Lovas, Stephen Member 
Manson, Frank Member 
Massey, Brad Member 
McCarthy, Gary Member 
McCauslin, Clay Member 
McCauslin, Clayton Member 
McCraley, Tom Member 
Miller, William J. Member 
Morgan, Mike Member 
Palm, Deby Member 
Pieterick, Mike Member 
Prager, Brian Member 
Ray, Danny Member 
Rodgers, Lindie Member 
Rodriguez, Gloria Member 
Rodriguez, Teresa J. Member 
Rosinski, Rhonda Member 
Rushton, John Member 
Savage, Rachel Member 
Schramm, Martie Member 
Shelton, Kathy Member 
Stanley, Jeff Member 
Steffens, Carole Member 
Sully, Matthew Member 
Sutton, William Member 
Walton, Russ Member 
Wells, Dennis Member 
Wells, Douglas F. Member 
Williams, Deborah Member 
Williams, Michael R. Member 
Winter, Kim Member 
Young, Kevin T. Member 
Yung, Todd Member