Glendale (Kachina) - Rotary Club
Club# 1201
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Section 1 - Club Information:
Meeting Time:Tuesday at 07:30 AM
Meeting Place:Arrowhead Country Club
Meeting City:
Meeting Address:19888 N 73rd Ave
Meeting Directions:
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Club Description:
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Club's Mailing Address:,    AZ 
Charter Date:18-Jun-77
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Section 2: Club  Committee:
CommitteeCommittee TypeAction
Glendale (Kachina)

Section 3: Club Members and Positions:
Member NameClassification / PositionBusiness Name
Abel, Jean Ann Member 
Barber, Dennis Member 
Bethal, Jack Member 
Bethel, Jack Member 
Bilse, Donald Member 
Bowen, Melissa Member 
Brown, Emery Member 
Burdick, Mark Member 
Burns, Robert Member 
Calabrese, Marlene Member 
Camou, Fernando Member 
Cardelli, Wendy Member 
Carpenter, Mark Member 
Cassidy, Michael Member 
Christner, Cindy L. Member 
Cobb, April Member 
Figueroa, Ernie Member 
Fowler, Michael Member 
Grossman, Stanley Member 
Hand, Mick Member 
Hennessy, Dawne Member 
Hickman, Bill Member 
Kimel, Nicholas Member 
Labbe, Richard Member 
Mah, Stanley Member 
Martin, Richard Fleming Member 
Murray, Jim Member 
Pisciotta, Pete Member 
Rees, Dale Member 
Rochford, Richard Member 
Sabbe, Lydie Member 
Schrock, Neil Member 
Slattery, Billy Member 
Sumner, Beverly Member 
Sumner, Jim Member 
Swartz, Barry Member 
Swartz, Ronald Member 
Swartz, Terry Member 
Taylor, Jeff Member 
Terell, Joyce A. Member 
Terrell, Joyce Member 
Thorlin, Jordan Member 
Tipton, Tina Member 
Tolmachoff, Lauren Member 
Traw, Tom Member 
Votca, John Member 
Votca, Phyllis Member 
Waltrip, John Member 
Weideman, Stacy Member 
Williams, Rod Member 
Winfield, Ryan Member 
Zimmerman, Donovan Member