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The Thanksgiving Program


The Rotary Thanksgiving program 

It is an annual program that goes back to 1997. That’s when then-President Terry Graff declared that it was time to depart from the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving by hearing a talk by one of the club’s religious leaders. He instructed past president Bob Kieve to come up with an alternative program. Bob thought it would be good to have selected members tell the club what makes them thankful and to do so in a maximum of two minutes apiece. Among the ten participating Rotarians in that first program were Chuck Reed, Leigh Weimers and Fernando Zazueta. This year’s slate of participants will include President Gary Shara and the Rotarian who started it, Gary Terry Graff. Maybe you’ll be sharing the stage with them. If you’re interested, please call Bob Kieve at 408 202 4200.



Location:   Rotary Summit Center