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Description:   At 2 pm, Club members are invited to attend a Tree Dedication Ceremony at Lacy Park (west side, near the Rose Arbor) with our Club President Denise and members of the City Council and Public Works/Parks crew.

The purpose of the Dedication is to officially mark our Rotary Club’s donation of 126 trees as our contribution to Rotary International’s President’s call to have Rotary clubs worldwide plant 1.2 million trees (one for every Rotarian in the world) by Arbor Day, April 22 nd . 

While we were unable to directly plant 126 trees in our fair city, we have arranged through the National Forest Foundation to have 125 trees planted in our National Forests and to have one beautiful 12 foot tall Mexican Sycamore planted in Lacy Park near the Rose Arbor. (actually two beautiful sycamores since the City was able to cut a great deal on the tree purchase!) 
Location:   Lacy Park, Rose Arbor