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Topic:   The CART Fund Coins for Alzheimers Research Trust
2nd Annual Florida CART Fund Meeting
May 15-16, 2018
Last year was so much fun, that the CART Fund meeting is coming back to Florida!

Open to CART District Directors, Governors, Governor Elects, Governor Nominees and everyone interested in curing and treating Alzheimer's Disease. You can make a difference with the coins in your pocket.

When:     May 16, 2018   10am - 3 pm
Where:    The Rosen Centre Hotel, 9480 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

VIP Guests

RIDE David Stovall and PRID Robert and Charlene Hall will share their experiences with Alzheimer's Disease and The CART Fund

CART Fundraiser

District 6980 is holding a special "Texas Hold 'Em" Fundraiser Tuesday night, May 15 from 6:30 pm until....  CANCELED

Research Grant Presentations

Your chance to hear about the research work being conducted by the real scientists who received CART grants funded by the Little Blue Buckets

Hotel Info

Make your room reservations with The Rosen Centre by calling Toll Free 1-800-204-7234 and using Code Word:  CART
You can also make your reservations online: https://gc.synxis.com/rez.aspx?tps=fml&arrive=2018-5-14&depart=2018-5-15&adult=1&step=1&hotel=69869&shell=ORLRH&chain=10237&template=ORLRH&avcurrency=USD&group=GRPCART2018

The Rosen Centre Hotel
9480 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
800-204-7234 for reservations
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