Caity Cronkhite: The growing urban vs. rural divide in the U.S. ID=77361937 (4)


Caity Cronkhite

Topic:   The growing urban vs. rural divide in the U.S.

Caity Cronkhite is a business owner and technical writing consultant who lives in Oakland, California. She originally hails from a small, rural town in west-central Indiana. After graduating high school a year early, she moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to study technical writing at Carnegie Mellon University. Later, she moved to the Bay Area for work after completing her degree.

As she navigated her experiences of moving from a disadvantaged, rural town to one of the largest, most affluent cities in America, Caity became an advocate for rural communities. A voracious writer, she began blogging about rural issues in 2015 to raise awareness about the struggles that influence these isolated communities and people in the 21st century. Caity made headlines in December 2017 when she was featured in the Wall Street Journal in a series about political, social, and economic issues in America’s modern rural communities. She now speaks publicly to advocate for policies to address the
unique issues that disadvantaged rural communities face in the modern world.

When she’s not working, writing, or speaking, Caity enjoys backpacking, cooking, bodybuilding, and traveling—to rural and urban locations alike.

Location:   The Rotary Summit Center