Ramp 720 Constructed

Gina Smith was the receipient of the Rotary Club's 720th handicapped ramp on Tuesday October 30, 2018. She lives on the Willis Glenn Road in the Hull vicinity. Gina is a member of the Gordon's Chapel Church. She has spent most of her life in the medical field. She was a nurse at the Baptist Hospital in Atlanta for 12 years, then shifted to social worker helping people get benifits to help with their medical bills. She is 62 years old, and suffers with brain cancer. She is now undergoing Chemo and Radiation. She is having difficulity getting in and out of her house to go to the treatments. After falling 3 times, she shifted to a wheel chair, but needed a ramp. Members of the Rotary Club and volunteers constructed a 4x4 platform, and a 12 foot ramp that helped her get to her treatments. Workers on the ramp included: Roy Gandy, James Adams, Roy Seagreaves, David McGinnis, Artry Bishop, Ed Brown, Marvin White, Johnny Fitzpatrick, Jerry Coutant, and Alan Phillip.

Ramp 719 Completed

The Rotary Club of Madison County completed its 719th ramp Thursday, October 18, 2018, for Marshall Vaughn who lives in the Harrison Area of Madison County. Marshall has been a Pastor over 40 years. He is the President of Calvary Temple of Deliverance, Ministries Inc. His very first church is located on Parham Town Rd. He has touched the life of so many people and families while ministering and is well known. He also constructed a lot of houses in Madison County over the years.

Marshall is a lifelong Madison County resident and currently employed with the Madison County Board of Commissioners as the maintenance and service technician for all county buildings. Workers on the ramp included: Roy Gandy, Ed Brown, Artry Bishop, David McGinnis, James Adams, Alan Phillips, Roy Seagraves, and Jerry Coutant.

Ramp 718 Constructed

The Rotary Club of Madison County crossed over County lines Saturday, October 13, 2018 to construct a ramp for Paul Ratcliff who lives in Stephens County Georgia. A member of the Rotary Club of Franklin County, Dr. Michael Callahan, requested the ramp. Paul lives with his caregivers, Stacey and Herman Goff, and they needed a 16 foot ramp to get him in and out of their home. He is 76 years old, and enjoys being on the go. Unfortunately, his body is starting to slow him down. Last year, a fall and a broken bone sent him to rehab. Since then he has been using a walker  and a wheelchair. He has competed for years in special olympics and is a member of People First, an advocacy group for individuals with disabilities. The ramp will be a tremendous blessing to Paul. Workers on the ramp included: Frank Ginn, Roy Seagreaves, Mitchell  Hill,  Walton Hill, Roy Gandy, David McGinnis Neil Azevedo , and Dr. Michael Callahan from the Rotary Club of Franklin County.