President's Corner

President's Corner - Ted Richardson

We are two weeks into the new Year, and my biggest concern is Balance and Impact.

Where do we apply our efforts to have the best outcome?

Any area in which we apply ourselves has the tendency to take up all our time and effort,

but what are those areas where we can have a lasting impact.

Does our sponsorship of a child at Day Camp Inspire them to be all they can be?

Many of us have camp memories which we take with us forever.

When we provide a meal to those less fortunate how does this lift them up on their path?

Sharing a meal together builds our friendships and develops good will.

How does sponsoring an exchange student lead to a better World?

Many who have traveled outside our own Country return with a different perspective.


So what are the ways that we have and can continue to Inspire others?

As a Service Club we need to seek out those areas and apply our energies.

It is through Action that we achieve anything, and everything.

A good example is our upcoming Fundraiser.

Sure, we want it to be a success and we will work hard together it to make it happen.

But that is only the beginning, that is the Means, not the End of itself.

That is the fuel for our engine, now what direction do we drive?

How do we take those efforts and leverage our Club?

This is the Why, this determines who we are and why we come together as a Club.


Rotary provides some guidance for us here via the 6 areas of Focus.

-Promoting Peace, Conflict Resolution

-Fighting & Preventing Disease

-Clean Water, Sanitation, Hygiene

-Maternal and Child Health

-Education & Literacy

-Growing Local Economies


As a Rotarian, we are all asked the question What is Rotary?

We each have a unique answer, but let's also add some examples where we made a difference.


Ted Richardson

Board Meeting

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