Japan's Consul General Takashi Shinozuka

South Forsyth County Rotary Club President Ted Richardson and Japan’s Consul General (and fellow Rotarian) Takashi Shinozuka exchanging club flags at South Forsyth’s weekly luncheon meeting on November 14, 2018.

The Consul General proceeded to address the meeting regarding the most favorable relations between Japan and the USA as well as Japan and the State of Georgia.

President's Corner

President's Corner - Ted Richardson

We will have another great Rotary meeting this Wednesday, our last meeting before Thanksgiving.

In honor of that, Sandra will be catering a special Holiday lunch!

Meeting with people is always good, but if you can eat together it becomes special.

Most Rotary meetings I have attended do include a meal, you would think "Where we meet, Let us eat!" is part of our motto.


But I think meals were added to our Rotary meetings for several reasons.

One, it's efficient. Most of us are eating anyway, so let's have some company as we chow down.

When we share food, we are also more likely to share ideas and find solutions to our challenges.

It makes us more approachable and is a good start to a relationship.

Stepping outside of our daily routine for a few minutes helps us refocus, we become better listeners, and eating together reminds us to be on our best behavior with good manners.

I can still hear my Mom say, "Sit up Straight", "Use your Napkin", "Don't talk with your mouth full", and more.


After having good speakers, having a good meal is the next most important thing in growing a Rotary Club.

Both are ongoing projects, and we thank Mike Weaver and John Salter for their hard work.

We have just reset our menu options, and based on your suggestions, expect Tam's, Jim n’ Nicks, Giorgio's and Sandra Bottoms.


We have a great Club, and you are the most important part!

Quick Reminder, Wreath orders are due in this Wednesday.


Thanks, Ted

Board Meeting

Our Next Regular Board Meeting is November 14th at 11:00am.

Everyone is invited to attend and you do receive a makeup for attendance.

Thanksgiving Break

Please remember that there will not be a meeting on Wednesday, November 21.
We will meet again on the following Wednesday, November 28 at the Junior Achievement Discovery Center, 1150 Lanier 400 Parkway.
See more here


Rotary 4 Way Test

Rotary Four Way Test

Do you know any happenings with our Rotarian family?

Please give Cindy Broeker an email or phone call and let her and the club know.

We want to celebrate good times and sympathize in times of need and be there to help.

Cindy's email is cindybroeker@gmail.com and her phone number is 770-653-6002

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