Welcome to the Rotary Club of Anniston Morning

Rotary is an organization of business and professional leaders united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

Rotary club membership represents a cross-section of the community's business and professional men and women. The world's Rotary clubs meet weekly and are nonpolitical, nonreligious, and open to all cultures, races, and creeds.

Rotary membership provides the opportunity to: Become connected to your community. Work with others in addressing community needs. Interact with other professionals in your community; assist with RI's international humanitarian service efforts. Establish contacts with an international network of professionals. Develop leadership skills. Involve family in promoting service efforts. 

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Registered Play Therapist Speaks to Club

 Leah Simmons, Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapist, owner of Ascend Services LLC, and sister of President Ben Simmons spoke to the club this morning about counseling for children and play therapy practices. It was highly interesting and enlighting. She helps those of all ages from children to older adults.

Spirit of Anniston and Historic Plaques

Ann Welch, the Chair of the Spirit of Anniston was our speaker on Friday, August 10th.  The Spirit is working on a project to put historic plaques on all the buildings in downtown which have been designated on the National Register of Historic Places.  This is a great project and the Spirit is to be congratulated for doing this for our city.

Jennifer Poole Speaks to Club

James Edgar introduced Jennifer Poole this morning.  She is a financial advisor from Rainbow City.  She gave a very interesting and informative talk about the principals which Dave Ramsey espouses in his books and radio show.  Most of the members had heard of Mr. Ramsey and were receptive to Jennifer's remarks.

Boiling N' Bragging

Phil Williams, the Immediate Past Preside4nt of the Shades Valley Club was our guest speaker this morning.  He gave us a slide show of what has happened over the last ten years since Boiling N' Bragging, a fundraiser for Children's of Alabama Critical care Unit.  The final goal is reach $1,000,000.  The fundraiser so far has raised over $800,000.  The goal for this years's event is $100,000.

Excursion to the Berman

This past Friday, July 20th, our club meeting was held at the Berman Museum of World History.  David Ford, the director and Sabra Gossett and Renee Lyons gave us a birdseye view of the new Pearl Harbor Exhibit and its concentration on those from the Anniston area who were lost on that fateful day, December 7th, 1941. The exhibit is masterfully put together thanks to Sabra.  We also were able to see some of the other exhibits including a rarely seen peek into the vault in the basement which houses weapons from the Middle Ages to the present. Our hats are off to David, Sabra and Renee for this marvelous exhibit and Museum.

Anniston History Highlighted

Tom Mullins, the Director of the Alabama Room at the Calhoun County Library was our guest speaker last Friday.  he gave the club members a very interesting and informative presentation about the early history of Anniston from approximately 1880 to the 1940s.

Anniston Director of Planning and Economic Development

Toby Bennington, the Director Planning and Economic Development for the City of Anniston was our speaker yesterday.  He gave us a very good presentation about what is going on in Anniston and the County as well.  He did so in a very easy going and engaging way by answering the club members questions. We learned a great deal and hope to have him back again to tell us more.

NHC Place Highlighted This Week

Jacob Shearer, our newst member and Administrator of NHC Place Assisted Living gave us a very informative an d interesting presentation.  He explained how NHC started and what it entails today.  Jacob explained that the facility is strictly for assisted living and not independent living and that the residents must be able to be mobile to some degree.  He has a very challenging job in an ever changing medical environment.

Club Visits Soteria

For our meeting this past week we went off site from our usual meeting place to Soteria, a small manufacturing firm in Anniston.  Steve Dean, the Managing Member gave us a presentation on what they do and toured us around the facility.  "Soteria" means Heavenly Silence and fits in with what they manufacture, suppressors for the military and others as well as othr parts for weapons.

Keller-Williams CEO Speaks to Club

Franz Cobb, The CEO of the Keller-Williams Francise in Anniston and the surrounding area talked to the members of the club on Friday April 27th. Keller-Williams is the largest Real Estate Firm in the world. He explained how the Real Estate business has changed in the forty-six years he has been involved. It has gone from paper and fax machines to being internet based.  There is very little advertizing in newspapers snd people can buy homes in another State without ever visiting the home in person.

Another New Member for Anniston Morning

This morning at our meeting we inducted another new member to our club.  Jacob Shearer.  Jacob is the Adminstrator of NHC Place Anniston and is going to be a great asset to our club.  He is pictured here with his sponsor Membership Chair, Miller Parnell.

Reilly Johnson-New Member

 Reilly Johnson, the Anniston City Main Street Director, was inducted as our newest member this morning.  Reilly was presented with her Rotary pin and her Membership Certificate by President Ben Simmons.  She was warmly received and we look forward to her great contributions to our Club. 

Anniston Morning Receives Awards

DG Pat Cross presented awards to Anniston Morning Rotary Club past president Joe Jankoski. The club received the Star Award, EREY Award and End Polio Certificate for Foundation giving. They also received greatest membership growth for a club of under 40 members and greatest membership growth in the district.

Anniston Rotarians Attend PETS

President-Elect Jennifer Maddox, Anniston Rotary and President-Elect Ben Simmons, Anniston Morning Rotary along with Assistant Governor Tommie Goggins and Past District Governor John Valieant attended President-elect training in Chattanooga, Tennessee from Mar 23-Mar 25.  The training is held every spring and has attendees from the states of Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee.  This year there were over 400 in attendance.  Rotary International President-Elect Ian Risely from Australia was the Keynote speaker on Saturday afternoon.

Little Free Libraries Appear around the Community

Anniston Morning Rotarians have been working on a grant project to place Little Free Libraries around Calhoun County. The project is almost to fruition and the first of the libraries were placed last Saturday May 27rh.

President-elect Ben Simmons, Secretary John Valieant and Treasurer James Edgar stand next to the library at the Aquatics Center at McClellan.

Ben Simmons Inducted as President

Ben Simmons was inducted as president this evening at a special meeting of the Anniston Morning Rotary Club with members, spouses and children in attendance at the Green Olive, at Classic on Noble.  The ceremony was conducted by Assistant Governor Tommie Goggans.  Jennifer Maddox, the president of the Anniston Rotary Club and her husband Mark were in attendance.  It was a fun and festive event.

District Governor Sue Mitchell Visits Club

District Governor Sue Mitchell, a member of the Decatur Daybreak Rotary Club, made her official visit to our club on Friday morning July 21st.  She shared with the club the goals for the year and the various activities which the club could become involved in.  It was a good meeting and we all enjoyed the interchange of ideas regarding membership, projects and the Rotary Foundation.

World War II Veteran Speaks to Club

Plemer East, a 92 year old Worl War II veteran, spoke to the club this morning.  His talk was most interesting and informative about life before the war during the Great Depression and his life during the war in Italy, France and Germany.  His is a most inspiring story about one of the members of The Great Generation.

Amber Burr Speaks to Club

Amber Burr was our guest speaker on Friday morning November 3d.  She gave a very interesting talk about how to persevere and become successful.  She and her husband own Heath Chimmney Services in Oxford.  

Multipurpose Recreation at McClellan

Our speaker this morning was Meagan D. Ross. Meagan works for the Recreation Department for the City of Anniston and is the head coach of the Barracuda Swim Team.  Meagan's topic this morning was how to use the soon to be acquired 1000 acres at McClellan for multipurpose uses; ie horse backriding; mountain bikes, walking trails and campsites.  She explained that it makes so much sense to have the land be used for several venues as opposed to just mountain biking. She spoke about the economic benefits to such use.  She is having an organizational meeeting this evening at Peerless Saloon to discuss how to proceed.  Meagan will be giiving a presentation to the MDA Board on December 4th.  

100% Paul Harris Club

On Friday March 2, 2012 at our regular Rotary Meeting twelve members were surprised when they were presented with a Paul Harris pin and certificate.  With the addition of these twelve, Anniston Morning is now a 100% Paul Harris Club.  This is a great honor because there are only two other clubs in the District with 100%.

Congratulations to:  Kerry Holt, James Edgar, Jim Freind, Vickie Simmons, Alan Green, Pramod Vadlamani, Theresa Lackey, Melanie Delap, Margaret Hatley, Annie Brunson, Stephen LaFollette and Cindy James.