Mid-Year City Update: Mayor Brandi Harless

Speaker:  Paducah Mayor Brandi Harless.  Harless was introduced by Rotarian Cathy Crecelius

Takeaways for Rotarians:

-Mayor Harless shared the City of Paducah’s current priorities and projects.  The five most active projects, she said, are: selecting a new City manager; the city’s new Downtown Development Specialist; budget preparation; Strategic Plan Updates; and other “opportunities.”

-The search for a new City Manager resulted in 32 candidates from 17 states.  A meet-and-greet for the four finalists will be held May 21 at 5:15pm at the Convention Center.

-The Mayor announced that Katie Axt of New York has been hired as the new Downtown Development Specialist.

-Regarding the city’s budget, Harless said city leaders are currently reviewing the impact of the Pension Program’s cost to the city.  She also announced that various projects will be reviewed by “Deep Dive Committees” comprised of various city employees involved in the projects.

-The City’s Strategic Planning process continues with involvement from both city leaders, employees, and the public. The Mayor said the Strategic Plan preparation involved five community reports, City Commissioner feedback, department input, 35 community group meetings, and staff action planning.  She said the result will be a document that defines “who does what” in city government, and will be followed by a Plan of Work to achieve the Strategic Plan objectives.

-Current Opportunities for city growth and improvement were discussed.  Harless explained a Kentucky Department of Transportation Grant opportunity currently being pursued.  The City is also looking to form a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District for city development.  She also mentioned that improvements at Barkley Regional Airport, the Convention Center, and investments in the city’s recreational opportunities are all being pursued.

-For more information about the City of Paducah’s projects and services, visit http://www.paducahky.gov.