Belarus Delegation Committee - 2018-19
Rotary District 7980 Committee

Section 1 - Committee Notes & Comments:

This committee is tasked with planning, supporting and visit of the Belarus delegation.

Section 2: Committee Members and Positions:
Member NameClub
Osach, Ronald C. New Haven 
Guptill, Kevin J New Haven 
Dow, Jeffrey New Haven 
Marino, Marybeth New Haven 
Lisk, Douglas K New Haven 
Nutcher, John P. New Haven 
Gershon, Colin M. New Haven 
Bures, Kristin New Haven 
Martin, Carol New Haven 
Popilowski, Richard Z. New Haven 
O'Neill, Lorey New Haven 
Capobianco, Paul New Haven 

Section 3: Committee Leadership History:
No leadership records exist