Tree Planting at Forrest Woods Nature Preserve ID=77365585 (4)

Tree Planting with the Black Swamp Conservancy, Spring 2018
Clubs are invited to join in Tree Planting at the Forrest Woods Nature Preserve near Cecil, Ohio (west of Defiance).  This site, along the upper Maumee River is regarded as one of the finest remnants of the Great Black Swamp and is home to more than 30 rare and endangered species of plants and animals.  It is truly a treasure and its position along the Maumee River means that work preserving and restoring it will contribute to making the Maumee healthy again!
The day will include a naturalist-led walk and lecture.  Come learn about the restoration and its implications on wildlife habitat and water quality and plant a tree to meet RI President Ian Riseley’s challenge of “one tree planted for each Rotarian”! 
Tree Planting
Forrest Woods Nature Preserve
Township Highway T-192
Cecil, OH  45821
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